the brand

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Finding Wurst in Berlin is like searching for sand at the beach, but if fresh and innovative flavours are more your thing, chances are, The Sausage Man has just what you're craving.

We are constantly working on new flavour combinations to tantalise your taste buds, often collaborating with locals on the food scene to create truly unique taste experiences. We love a good Bratwurst as much as the next Berliner, but we're out to produce something more. 

That's right, sausage is just the beginning. We also specialise in proper, thick-cut bacon and rich, flavourful black pudding based on the traditional Scottish recipe from the Stornoway region. 

We're always working on new products and flavours to bring to you as well, like pizza-ready spicy pepperoni, bacon jam to make your burger next-level and Bacon Dreams, our melted fat and bacon bits concoction that is the perfect starter or finisher for sauces, soups, or anything that needs a little salty pork goodness. 


the ingredients & production

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That old joke about not wanting to see how the sausage is made does not apply. Our sausages are 100% antibiotic- and GE-free minced German pork belly from BESH in natural casings.

Our bacon is dry cured with salt and molasses before being smoked, sliced and vacuum packed for freshness.  Both our black and white puddings use gluten-free oats to be safe for our allergy friends.

Our regular dried spices come from the same supplier, who prides itself on ethical farming and handpicking for the best flavour.

Spring 2018 marked our very first nose-to-nail offering with Ernie, the Mangalitsa pig raised on the outskirts of Berlin, who has provided us with some of the most delicious sausages, cracklings, pancetta and so much more. Stay tuned for more special offerings like Ernie in the future!  


We work all week to prepare our products for you and make fresh sausages on Fridays, sharing a production space with Erchinger Fleischerei in Prenzlauer Berg. These products are sold at a few Saturday markets and through specialised retailers in Berlin, as well as available for pre-order to pick up at Markthalle Neun or Erchinger. 


the man behind the sausage man

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Simon Ellery, a New Zealander-turned-Berliner, is the man behind The Sausage Man, a New Zealand- and England-trained, German certified Fleischmeister.

Inspired by a butcher he encountered while living in London who worked long hours, Simon wrote a song titled 'The Sausage Man Never Sleeps' with his band and so The Sausage Man was born...

Years later, Simon found his calling in Berlin, making sausages for friends on a second-hand Mauerpark meat grinder and loving the creative process of making non-traditional flavours. So in April 2014, the official journey of The Sausage Man, Simon's muse and our charming mascot, began.