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Order by 12:00 on Thursday for pickup at Markthalle Neun 10-18:00 on Saturday. 

Order by 12:00 on Thursday for pickup at Erchinger Fleisch und Wurstwaren after 13:00 on Friday. 

Payment due at pick-up.

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If you would like to place an order by telephone or have any questions don't hesitate to call:  01715841908

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Bring the fry up home! One pack back bacon, one pack of sausages of your choice, a tube of black pudding, a can of beans and a jar of Bacon Dreams to #keepitgreasy. Serves four. (11.80€/kg)
A savoury jam of sautéed onion, smokey paprika and of course, bacon. Good on just about anything. (25€/kg)
Melty cheese with the kick of jalapeño. This one’s our bestseller for good reason! (18€/kg)
Changes regularly. See our social media accounts, send us an inquiry or just order and be surprised - we promise you'll like it! (18€/kg)
Cheese-lovers, rejoice! This sausage is packed with ample chunks of emmentaler that melt in the most delicious way. (16,70€/kg)
A Spanish fresh sausage with a smoky, spicy flavor. Excellent on its own or in recipes. (16,70€/kg)
Our best-selling jalapeño & cheddar flavor in a smaller, cured sausage. Great for appetizers or picnics. (20,00€/kg)
English style dry-cured smoked bacon. (20€/kg)
English style dry-cured smoked bacon. (24€/kg)
Scottish style black pudding (15€/kg, in 0.3kg rolls)
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